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About Us

About Us

Kashmiri Pandit Sangarash Samiti is an organization which completely gyrates around the possibilities of existence of Kashmiri Pandits who chose to live in Kashmir Valley even after the mass exodus of Pandits from the valley in 1989-90. While presenting a broader perspective on the theme we have tried our best to give qualitative and quantitative information about the life and living of the valley based Kashmiri Pandits, who have continued to live in the valley without any significant support from any quarter. It is rather a bitter truth that till 1998, not a single organization based outside Kashmir recognized the existence of Kashmiri Pandits in Valley but on the contrary exploited the situation for their vested interests. It must be recognized that Dr. Vijay Sazawal (USA) was the first person to speak outside of the Valley about the centrality of the Valley based Kashmiri Pandits in preserving the Pandit culture and heritage in a paper written in 1999 that was published by the "Koshur Samachar", a community journal in New Delhi, in early 2000. But the article, at that time, failed to bring awareness in the Kashmiri Pandit diaspora about various challenges faced by Valley based Pandits.

To evaluate the situation about the Valley based Kashmiri Pandits, volunteers of the Kashmiri Pandit Sangarash Samiti (KPSS) conducted a mass contact program to determine the population of Pandits in the Valley from time to time. A data base has been created by the KPSS which is summarized as under:

Sr. Time Period Kashmir Pandit Population
In Kashmir Valley(families) Migrated Families % age
1 Till 01.01.1990 75,343 - -
2 01.01.1990 – 31.08.1990 40,741 34,602 45.93
3 01.09.1990 – 31.03.1992 6,460 34,281 84.14
4 01.04.1992 – 31.03.1998 3,773 2,687 41.59
5 01.04.1998 – 31.03.2008 687 3,086 81.79
6 01.04.2008 – 31.03.2015 654 33 4.80
Total 74,689 99.13

These figures reveal that out of 75,343 (3,67,289 souls) families, 74,689 (3,64,130 souls i.e. 99.13%) families of Kashmiri Pandits living in valley fled from Kashmir due to various reasons over time. These figures also reveal that the Pandit population in the Valley is still draining out and obviously, it cannot be due to the security concerns as the ground situation has improved significantly from the peak militancy days. This clearly demonstrates that recent departure of Pandit families is directly related to their economic plight, which growing ever worse by the day. The indifference shown by State and Central Government towards valley based Kashmiri Pandits have taken its toll as it has failed in restoring the faith of the community, and no significant program has been undertaken by either the state government or the central government to stop the outflow of Pandits from the valley, even as the same political leadership saturates Kashmiri and Indian media with claims and offers of return to Pandits in exile, making a convoluted mockery of the plight of Kashmiri Pandits in general.

The census done by the KPSS in 2008 reveals that there were only 687 families living in the Valley having less than 3000 souls which further reduced to 654 families by the end of March, 2015. As the process of migration never stopped so the present figures can be more or less as it seems from the trend seen from the figures in Table

“KPSS” tries it best to focus on the issues related to

Identification of the challenges and problems faced by the valley based Kashmiri Pandits

Rehabilitation / Settlement of the valley based Kashmiri Pandits

Political Participation recognizing Kashmiri Pandits as aboriginal people of the valley

Protection of Pandit religious Institutions and Asthapans in the valley

“KPSS” tries it best to focus on the issues related to

Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the endangered Pandit community

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत, क्षुरासन्न धारा निशिता दुरत्यद्दुर्गम पथ: तत् कवयो वदन्ति

Katha Upanishad: Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached