Shri Sidhi Vinayak Ganesh Mandir, Ganpatyar, Habba Kadal, Srinagar

The ancient scripture, known as “Sidhi Vinaayak” of Ganesh Temple, the “Mahaatmya” reveals the temple site and its local and native Geo-historical introduction very much authentic and accurate. Bestows all the success, the Sidhi Vinaayaka, whose temple is situated on the bank of sacred Vistasta, the place is known as Ganesh Vihar, its location is inside Srinagar Kashmir. The temple of Sidhi Vinaayaka is in the neighbourhood of Buddhist great Monastery known and mentioned in the travel-log of Hiuen Tsiang, the great Chinese Buddhist Monk who has lived in Ganpatyar’s Vihar, this river bank in Kashmiri is known as Badiyar. This type of historical background clearly confirms that the Ganpatyar and also its neighborhood Badiyar, ancient name Brihat Vihar, the Buddhist Monastery must have remained very much popular religious centre. The Buddhist Monastery no more exists now but the Siddhi Vinaayaka is still alive. The Mahatmya, the native Geo-historical introduction reveals that this is the place were sage Kashyap was assured by Lord Ganesha to have the settlement of the people of the Kashmir. The historical event also confirms that this is the only temple in Kashmir where before February 1990, twenty five thousand Kashmiri Devotees used to visit and pay their respect. History reveals that during the Pathan Rule, the oldest idol of the Siddhi Vinaayaka was thrown into river Vitasta (commonly known as Jehlum), probably it was 1760-1765, after that the idol of Siddhi Vinaayaka was lifted out from the river in 1854-55 and was reinstalled again. It is considered the oldest Ganesh Idol. In early 18th Century AD, the History of Pilgrims, the text is known as “Teerath Sangrah” written by Suhib Kual, in his verses gives us the historical background of this temple as – “Those devotees, who used to visit for daily pilgrimage to Pridyamna-Peeth, the Sharika Parvat, known Known as Hari Parvat, the mountain temple placed in north of Srinagar, such devotees are bound to pay their respect to Siddhi Vinaayaka, situated at Ganpatyar in Srinagar. Source: Dr. T. N. Ganjoo