Shri Bala Devi Asthapan, Balhama, Srinagar

Bālā Tripurasundarī, Kumārikā ('the magnificent goddess') or simply Bālā ('child') is the daughter of the Hindu goddess Tripura Sundari, the consort of Lord Kameshwara. She was born from the goddess and Sri Kameshwara. She is a form of the goddess Ashokasundari. According to the local folk lore the original abode of Bala Devi is in the South India. It is said that the saint of the temple had a dream in which she told him to visit Kashmir where he could have her darshana. The saint along with his devotees as per the divine blessing visited the village of Balahama which was a dense forest at that time. The goddess gave darshana to the saint in a spring. In order to keep the sanctity of the shrine she directed him to plant trees around the spring. The saint planted fine saplings of Devdar trees around the spring which in the course of time grew to full size and covered the entire spring. The spring is no more visible today. The five Devdar trees are believed to be more than five thousand years old and are the principle object of veneration. Every year havan was performed in the month of Magh on the day of Tikchorum. Havan was also performed on other auspicious days especially on Haar Chorum. Source: Internet / Vivek Bhat of Balhama